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Doc Marco IN-HOME Outpatient PT

​was created to offer personalized Outpatient Physical Therapy services to home-bound patients. Many times my patients would complete Home Health Physical Therapy but did not return to their prior level of function. Usually a physician would then write orders for outpatient PT but patients either had no means of seeking an outpatient clinic or declined to make the effort. The result: in a short time my patient would decline, fall again, and I'd be back at their home in 4 - 6 months. Often times my patient had sustained a fractured hip or arm in the process.

The Answer: Provide out-patient Physical Therapy directly to the patients in their own home

where they feel the most comfortable. I provide one-on-one Physical Therapy to meet the specific needs of my patients. I bring Therapeutic exercise sheets, thera-band, dumbbells, balance equipment and many other items you may find in an outpatient PT clinic. With in-home Physical Therapy patients don't expend most of their energy just getting to the clinic, but save it for our workouts and training in their own setting where they can receive the most benefit. You will not be lost in a clinic paired up to an aide. I provide direct guidance the whole time. 

SUCCESS!  Usually in a few weeks patients have returned to their prior level of function, have learned the necessary training to maintain their current physical levels, and will be less likely to become a fall risk and return to the hospital.


A Physician's Order is no longer needed to start Physical Therapy 

but referrals are always welcome!

Medicare Approved

CA Lic 35429

Accepting Medicare and cash payments

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