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Clinical Setting

“I dont know what I would have done if I didn't have Doc Marco as my PT in 2010. My upper back hurt so much that I couldn't finish a 1-hour class in school. A pain MD sent me to Doc Marco and gave him the go-ahead to manipulate my back to lower my pain. Doc Marco recognized that my condition was too severe and referred me to another doctor who discovered I have vertebral fractures. Thank God Doc Marco knew something was wrong and didn't try to manipulate my back! Instead he put me on a gentle road to recovery over the next few months. Today I have no back pain and Ive returned to school to be a nurse. Doc Marco continues to be a source of encouragement toward my academic goals. He's a good friend."

Richard in Laguna Hills

In-Home Outpatient Setting

“I was in a lot of pain when Doc Marco arrived at my home the first day. He spent over an hour just teaching me how to move in and out of bed without shooting pain. During the weeks, as I got better, he continued to bring hope when I got discouraged. He gently pushed me to get out of my room and taught me to walk safely again. He still calls to check up on me."

Jennifer in Dana Point

Home Health Setting

"I had fallen and broke my hip. When Doc Marco arrived at my house I was in a wheelchair and afraid to stand up! He didnt push faster than I was ready to go. Over the weeks Doc Marco showed me how I could trust my legs again. Our last visit he had me walking over grass, up inclines, and up stairs. That was two years ago and we still keep in touch. Im better than I was before the fall!"

Nancy in Dana Point

"My father really enjoyed the time he spent with you-he actually looked forward to it. Dad found you to be positive and upbeat. Dad felt that Doc Marco gave him more quality of life.

In memory of Capt. S.

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