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Code of Ethics

This oath requires ethical practice, continuous professional education and ongoing teaching and mentoring of our patients and each other.

Respect-We are held duty bound to treat all of our patients (including all members of the community) with respect and dignity. We practice Physical Therapy in keeping with regulations and in so doing protect the patient, only divulging such information for the expressed purpose of providing the best patient care possible.

Health Promotion- Realizing that health and wellbeing encompasses far more than mere medicine, we seek to uplift the spirit as part of the art of caring. Where we seek to increase a patients range of motion we also offer advice to help them improve their range of healthy experience in all aspects of life. We promote health, living, and thinking habits.

Fairness-While we recognize and respect cultural differences and treat each and every patient as a unique individual we endeavor to provide consistent health care across the spectrum of humanity. No one is treated differently due to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or means of reimbursement.

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Reverence For Life <click here

The philosophy of Albert Schweitzer: Musician, philosopher, theologian, and Jungle missionary physician.

Michael Belay--Reverence For Life In Action !

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